Book Reviews

The Reviews are in from Amazon Readers:

“I am not only blooming, but gloriously blossoming. Grab a chair and a cup of tea, and curl up with Jennifer’s book. You’ll be glad you did. Why? Because Jennifer will take you from lost and unhappy with your work to passionately thriving in your unique niche. She helped me to do that in person, and she’ll help you through this book.” — Kent Blumberg

“Jennifer’s book shows you how to take what makes you unique and turn it into a fulfilling career. It’s the ultimate in job security! Jennifer is justifiably known as the ‘Queen of Career Epiphanies’ – let this book help you see and realize your full potential at work.” — U. Jorch

“We all have a favorite flower; a flower that speaks to us because of it’s smell, color or shape. How awesome would it be to love our careers as much as our favorite flower? Plant yourself Where You will Bloom teaches us how to discover our true passion by empowering us to clear the dirt, plant the seed, and prepare for the most beautiful flower to bloom-yourself! I loved this book. The author is genuine, funny and most importantly real.” — Dr. Vivian

“Jennifer’s approach makes it possible to go from just dreaming about your perfect career to making it happen in real time and real life. I spent years stuck in a safe but ultimately unrewarding job. It took courage and determination to finally get unstuck — and I couldn’t have done it without Jennifer’s savvy guidance and cheerful encouragement. The fabulous thing about her book is that it not only works if you’re just beginning to explore what’s possible — it offers fine tuning if you’re already blooming. I heartily recommend it!” — Lady Lawyer

“Jen Anderson gives you solid advice, information, and tips for people seeking a chnage in their lives. She’s a Master Gardner in the career world. The way we find jobs today has changed. Jen gives you insights to help you be successful, And moreover, she stresses how to grow your passion into a thriving career. I highly recommend this book!” — Lady Laughing

“Jen’s book is an exciting and creative approach to making changes in your life. I loved the personal stories, the examples behind the concepts and the authenticity with which she wrote. It was well organized and filled with great ideas not just theory. Seriously, a must read for anyone ready or getting ready to move in a new direction and wants some solid ideas and wise guidance.” —┬áJean Hausmann, author and coach

“This book is a must read for anyone trying to find the work they were meant to do. Rather than just focusing on your skills and education (which many career books do), this book focuses on the ENTIRE person. This includes a review of your values, interests, talents…as well as your preferences toward environment, lifestyle, money (yes, the amount of money you make IS in your control), and how you want to interface with different types of people (who works for you, who you work for, who you serve with your work). The author’s unique approach is very comprehensive….yet, simple and straight-forward. This book has left me feeling very inspired…and on the path to finding the work I was meant to do.” — Inspired

“I love Jen’s approach because it couldn’t get much simpler — it is all about focusing on the vision of the life that would make you happiest, and how to get it by doing what you love. Her passion is so sincere and inspiring, you will definitely be motivated (and prepared!) to bloom after reading her book!” — Rosemarie

“Plant Yourself Where You Will Bloom” is not only packed with excellent, practical advice for creating a career you love and a life that lights you up, but it’s also full of Jen’s trademark humor and down-to-earth wisdom. It’s fun to read and has a rare balance of idealism and practicality I haven’t often seen in career-oriented books. Yes, you CAN “follow your passion” while also being realistic and responsible, and Jen helps show you how. Her advice is not just theoretical, either — she has walked this road herself, and has helped many, many others find their way, too. She knows what she’s talking about!

Whether you’re someone who wants to “escape” corporate life to create a business of your own, or if you simply want to make the career you have happier and more meaningful, this book will inspire you and help put you in the right mindset to succeed and thrive!” — Lynn Hess